Saturday, October 3, 2009

"I have had sex with women who work for me on this show." If you haven't already heard, these were the words that came out of David Letterman's mouth on Thursday night. However, the question is, was it "innocent" or sexual harrassment?

According to CBS, they're biggest concern is that Letterman's comment will bring down his ratings, just when he is beginning to soar in popularity. Stephanie Birkitt, one of Letterman's assistants, is one of the women he reportedly had an affair with. However, Robert Joel Halderman, who shares a residence with Ms. Birkitt, recently pleaded not guilty to larceny after threatening to expose Letterman. In any case, CBS executives will continue to support Letterman unless he causes to do something drastic. As fas as CBS is concerned, none of the women were underage, nor did they feel threatened by Letterman.

According to a source, Letterman wanted to go right to authorities because he appeared to be worried. According to a spokesman from Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants, "Dave is not in violation of our policy and no one has ever raised a complaint against him." He also added that the policy "does not prohibit relationships within the company- only that they cannot be tied to an employee's performance."

But you have to wonder: how do his fans feel about this scandal? Honestly, in my opinion, it's Letterman's issue. The only reason why his personal information is out in the limelight is because he's a celebrity. If it was just an average person, obviously, that person wouldnt have any publicity. As long as he didn't break any contracts or policies, I don't think its that big of an issue...unless you're a die hard fan of him and his talk show. And I think that Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, sums it up: "His core viewers are not the kind that are going to say, 'He did what? I'm never going to watch again.' He was not the host of a Disney Channel talk show."


  1. That is insane! How can one live with themselves after doing somthing like that. 1st off he should be fired and 2nd how stupid can one be. I agree with you. Even look at sports players as well they get away the same stuff as Letterman if not more its pathetic.

  2. Well... let's not go overboard here. Morally, I agree, what happened with Letterman, his wife, and the other women is reprehensible (in the least)... but look beyond the story itself:

    Since then, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno (both employed by NBC Universal), who both pale in ratings to Letterman, have talked/joked about the whole situation. What does this mean? Well, those Leno/Fallon loyalist (more for the former) are going to think they "missed out" on something on "The Late Show."

    Because human beings hate (really and truly, hate) not being in the "know," I predict Letterman's ratings increase even more because of this scandal. Which means more money for CBS and more money for him.

    Sadly enough, these sexual scandals are going to receive a great deal of positive reinforcement.

  3. Something of a counterpoint: